A few notes about Network Solution Web Hosting

Just got new client who want to clean up his blog from malware. Fortunately after examining his blog I found that he only need to upgrade his wordpress  to latest version (he use 3.0). Another advice I gave is frequently change password. Due to no malware found and clean, I decide to refund his money.

Ok, lets go to netsol part. I love to learn and know about how other company system work and I’m glad I have chance to see network solution web hosting part, I make few notes for my own and maybe useful for others.

Network solution GUI

Yes, I knew about netsol as the first domain registrar and I ever register one of my domain when they charge $50 for one domain. With so many registrar at the moment I prefer to choose other such namecheap or godaddy for domain case. In my opinion netsol graphical user interface is more intuitive than godaddy.

Login section

You can choose to go straight to hosting account or domain section, its up to you.

You can go back to overall service

Yes, click my product and services link  will bring you to whole system.

My hosting packages is area for manage all your hosting need.

This section is easy to understand, to access file manager just click the icon

You must disable  pop up to see file manager.


To find out php version i create phpinfo() script and I see they use php 5.2.17

PHP 5.2.17 still common version that people use.

Netsol also support ioncube loader to run encrypted php script that packed with ioncube.

SSH access

This part is my favorite. On godaddy I can enable it via phone system and if you on hostgator you can enable it via email request by give identity card scan. Unfortunately netsol not give that access for their shared hosting.

Java required

I hate this one, some of functionality of netsol depend on java. i must enable java access to my system.


For overall netsol will be sufficient for most user but not for me. I hate ftp upload and prefer to use file manager to do that and I think cpanel file manager is the best one.