Amazon vs Adsense : which one is the best

Which program should I choose? Google Adsense or Amazon affiliate.

That question asked by my friend who want to try make  money on internet. No simple answer for that question. He need upper layer knowledge for his question.

Know the process first!

Why I should choose that program : those programs is great since backup by big company (Google and Amazon). You can rest assured that you get your payment.

How do I get visitor for my blog / website : most traffic that convert (lead to sales or click) came from search engine (google, yahoo,bing etc).

What information they look for? in general people look for knowledge information or product information. Don’t mix it to get great result.

Laser focus on 3 things :

1. Get low competition but high demand information.

2. Create content that supply information demand.

3. Monitoring competition that may rise.

Full detail of process might be read on this pdf file (free download).

Using that knowledge I can make modifications to my fresh store builder and expand it to other region.




Not big as but really challenging since I do little effort for the site.

Now I’m working on new version of my own system based on knowledge from pdf and fresh store builder. I think this one will be good and utilize other resource (blogspot and wordpress based system too).

Summary :

– Google adsense is good for knowledge based information site/blog.

– Amazon is good for product based information site/blog.

– Don’t mix google adsense and amazon on single site/blog.