My Fresh Store Builder Earnings

Its a rare post 🙂 . I don’t like to show off. First reason is because the earning is not big as big player outside and second reason is I prefer to post about hosting related field as this domain refer to.

I decide to post it to encourage my friend who got drop in adsense earning due to panda effect and think adsense is the only one.

I’m now prefer to get involved in affiliate marketing and get start with amazon ( frankly I create amazon account since 2005 but I do nothing and I let all that years with nothing too).

I have a few account now and these screenshot is from one of my account and dedicated to Fresh Store Builder based site.

September 2011 earning

Nothing fancy here, start learn how to use FSB.

Glad I have a few sales 🙂

October 2011 earning

I realize that bluehost put my FSB site in ‘danger’. Their CPU throttle kick my FSB site. Slow to access and got bad score from YSlow. Switch to Hostgator (click here for 25% off coupon)  in late October.

November 2011 earning

Setup other FSB site (total 2 FSB sites) and host it with Hawkhost  (I want to to try out LiteSpeed. Thankfully that FSB compatible with Hawkhost because I bought it first before conduct a few test). Update : use this cupon “whts50v2” for 50% discount.

December 2011 earning

Shopping time is come. A few keyword get it rank too. Thanks to Build My Rank ( get 10 links for free trial)  network that show its power.

January 2012 earning

Got busy with malware attack. A few attack is working silently and affecting my traffic that came from search engine. I decide to use Sucuri and they work well. Thanks GOD I still get earning 🙂

So far I like affiliate marketing challenge and decide to give it more time.

I hope my friend out there can see my journey and wake up from hiatus. Go for new journey and enjoy the process.


How to create / add database on Hostgator

After migrating around 100++ website that use wordpress as their engine I realize one thing :

wrdp1, wrdp2 etc

I don’t know where its come from until I try installer that exist on cpanel like fantastico or simplescripts. Yes, using that facility will automatically create database with that naming convention.

How do I create database with special name on my hostgator account?

That question came from one client who want to install special php script that not available from fantastico neither on simplescripts.


How to get hosting for 1 cent : 1 month Hostgator Hosting

Hostgator 0.01us aka 1 cent hosting probably one of topic that my student ask in weekend class. Until I have chance to try it out myself. Yes, my old hosting period at fastdomain will get expire soon ( next 2 weeks ) and I must renew or move to other web host.

I choose option number 2 as I also want to give my student clear guide about sign up process at hostgator.

Step by Step

1. Click this link to go to hostgator.

2. Click link ‘View Web Hosting Plans

I choose Baby Plan with feature :

  • Unlimited Domains
  • Unlimited Disk Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Shared SSL Certificate

Pick ‘Monthly‘ – $9.95/month

3. Order Wizard – Select a domain option

I choose “I will use My Existing Domain and update My Nameservers only”

Enter domain name at number 1 and extension at number 2.

( In case you looking for free domain you might want to try domain)

Click Next to continue or click Start Over to revert back.

4. Order Wizard – Coupon

Enter Coupon code at Coupon section and click Calculate Totals.

5. Order Wizard – Summary

Pay attention to Coupon section.

-$9.94 applied as result of coupon : hostgator.

Click Continue.

Next step is enter your information and make 1 cent payment.

You’ll get hosting login information in your mailbox.