I will remove malware from wordpress blog for $5

Yes, today I announce my service (actually my 1st service at fiverr).

I will remove malware from wordpress blog for $5 inspired from my friend case who got her blog attacked by malware. An iframe stay at index.php and create temporary files. This files quickly fill hes webspace account and full message tell web support. She got quota warning and chrome web browser displayed the famous attack message.

wordpress malware attack

After check the files and eliminate suspected file her blog got back to normal operation. I suggest her to change all password since that time.

I ever face this case too (two years ago) and it make Google refuse to send me visitor. After realize that I got infected from network ads I remove the code and wait for all record and cache removed. Took 1 month to get all things get back to normal.

Ok, guys. Beside remove malware from wordpress powered blog, what kind of service do you want me to provide?

godaddy coupon for .com renewal and 99 cents domain

Time for renew my domain at GoDaddy has come and I need discount 🙂

Lucky, I got coupon code that work for :

  1. .com renewal (also work for new domain) – PODFD412
  2. 99 cents domain (only for credit card payment) – godaddy99
  3. renew (.com and .net) – gdbb776 & ok412

How to use the coupon for Domain renewal

Just login to your GoDaddy account and you’ll see message like this :

“xxx Domains Expiring” (see the picture)

Choose one or more domain and renewal length.

Click Continue.

The screen will show many option called ‘cross selling’ just focus on your renewal work  by click  “No Thanks. Proceed to cart” button.

Another cross selling page will appear.

Keep click on “No Thanks” button.

The Order summary page

Pay attention to Order Summary page, at right corner you’ll see link “Enter Promo or Source Code” click the click and enter the coupon code and click Apply.

As you see the price change from $11,62 to $7,66. (save $3,96)

To proceed to payment session click “Continue to Checkout” button.

For 99 cents domain you can do the same (just remember the price not include icann fee, the total will be $1,17)

P.S : the coupon code is not last long. you’ll need to act quickly to grab this opportunity.

See you in other post!

CPU Throttle and Cache

Almost 20 host successfully move to bluehost while I left others in other web hosting for internet marketing purpose.

I just wnt to say that I’m impressed with cpu throttle technology that bluehost use in their shared hosting.

As you can see in the picture I got ‘throttle’ every hour but I still can get my site accessed during that period which is cool bro.

I also implement Cache Solution for WordPress that reduce throttle time to almost 30% off.

Kudos to cpu throttle technology and wordpress cache!

Pick your favorite plugin on Free WordPress Installation

Another wordpress feature that I like is Plugin.

So many wordpress plugin available for you created by genius programmer out there and available for free.

As complement of my free wordpress installation service you can choose your favorite plugins included.

Up to 10 plugins

Don’t know where to start?

Visit these lists :

  1. My top 10 favorite wordpress plugins
  2. Lists of Your Favorite WordPress Plugins
  3. My Favorite WordPress Plugins
  4. 50 Best WordPress Plugins for Power Blogging
  5. My Top 10 Favorite WordPress Plugins by Katie Freiling

List the plugins with pattern

No. Plugin Name : URL

Example :

1. WP Related Posts : http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wordpress-23-related-posts-plugin/

2. Commentluv : http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/commentluv/


Put that information together with other information (webhost account, theme lists) in request form.

See you next time 🙂

Pick Your Favorite Themes on Free WordPress Installation

NO kidding!

Yes, following post is my respond for one email?

Can you give me a few themes included with your free wordpress installation service?


Theme Option

Just pick up to 5 themes. You can start to pick from following theme lists :

  1. 100 Excellent Free WordPress Themes
  2. 83 Beautiful WordPress Themes
  3. 21 Fresh, Usable and Elegant Themes
  4. 10 Fresh and Clean Themes
  5. 13 WordPress Magazin-Themes
  6. 50 Beautiful Free WordPress Themes
  7. 100 Premium Like But Free, Fresh WordPress Themes: Year 2009
  8. 41 Great Looking Free WordPress Themes
  9. 140+ Brilliant Free WordPress Themes Around
  10. 45+ Free Premium WordPress Themes with Magazine or Grid Layouts

What Next?

List the theme with pattern

No. theme name : url

Example :

1. Thunderbolt : http://hellyeahdude.com/articles/free-wordpress-theme-thunderbolt/

2. PressBox : http://www.wpzoom.com/wordpress-themes-sets/45-free-premium-wordpress-themes-with-magazine-or-grid-layouts/


Together with your host information. Make sure your host support ssh access as stated in Free Service page.

Free WordPress Installation Service

A lot of email and search engine related search come to this blog with following keywords :

  • install wordpress tutorial
  • install wordpress hostgator
  • install wordpress cpanel
  • install wordpress fantastico
  • install wordpress themes
  • etc

Lead me to an conclusion.

So many people out there want to try install wordpress and ready to blog but don’t know how to start. Some of them willing to pay for installation service by professional.

I’m here to help you  to start blogging with these features :

  1. Blog with your own domain
  2. Self hosted wordpress blog ; you can put adsense for generate money, change your own theme etc.

I’ll set domain pointing (ns record), install wordpress, add plugins and add theme all for FREE.

The only condition I want is : SSH access.


I want to do it as quick as possible and ssh is my friend for doing this operation for long time ago 🙂

Interested with my offer?

Go to this page and contact me with your domain information and  hosting with ssh information (if you don’t understand about domain, ssh etc you still can contact me and I’ll guide You via email)

Is there a catch?

Yes, If you don’t mind please add my link (http://www.hostingformula.net) to your blogroll with tag “free wordpress install service“.

Simple as 123.