UnixBench : Know Your VPS Computation Power

Linux class start again after a few weeks freeze for vacation 🙂

I and my student get involved in measuring system performance and one of my student came accross to UnixBench web and he told me to try it out on my Vps account.

A little explanation about UnixBench taken from the web :

UnixBench is the original BYTE UNIX benchmark suite, updated and revised by many people over the years.

The purpose of UnixBench is to provide a basic indicator of the performance of a Unix-like system; hence, multiple tests are used to test various aspects of the system’s performance. These test results are then compared to the scores from a baseline system to produce an index value, which is generally easier to handle than the raw scores. The entire set of index values is then combined to make an overall index for the system.

Some very simple graphics tests are included to measure the 2D and 3D graphics performance of the system.

Multi-CPU systems are handled. If your system has multiple CPUs, the default behaviour is to run the selected tests twice — once with one copy of each test program running at a time, and once with N copies, where N is the number of CPUs. This is designed to allow you to assess:

  • the performance of your system when running a single task
  • the performance of your system when running multiple tasks
  • the gain from your system’s implementation of parallel processing

Do be aware that this is a system benchmark, not a CPU, RAM or disk benchmark. The results will depend not only on your hardware, but on your operating system, libraries, and even compiler.

UnixBench 4.1.0

I use web hosting talk version.

# wget -c http://members.dslextreme.com/users/andylee/unixbench-4.1.0-wht.tar.gz

–2010-05-06 19:09:26–  http://members.dslextreme.com/users/andylee/unixbench-4.1.0-wht.tar.gz
Resolving members.dslextreme.com…
Connecting to members.dslextreme.com||:80… connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response… 200 OK
Length: 69272 (68K) [application/x-gzip]
Saving to: `unixbench-4.1.0-wht.tar.gz’

100%[=================================================================================================>] 69,272      –.-K/s   in 0.01s

2010-05-06 19:09:26 (6.19 MB/s) – `unixbench-4.1.0-wht.tar.gz’ saved [69272/69272]

# tar xvzf unixbench-4.1.0-wht.tar.gz

# cd unixbench-4.1.0-wht-2/


Know Your VPS Specification

How Do I know if my host offer match their promise?

That question came from one of my student who looking for cheap and affordable vps provider. This post dedicated for him and I also want to spread the info. Perhaps I can get more info too from others 🙂

I use my account at PhotonVPS for this purpose and if you want to do the same you can follow it from scratch :

Order and Login to VPS Account

1. Order an account at PhotonVPS, I choose OpenVZ type with Beam1 plan.

2. Check your email for account information, I highlight ssh information for education purpose.

Main IP address and Root password is information I need.

3. Setting Putty for connecting to PhotonVPS.

  • At Hostname enter [email protected] IP ADDRESS
  • Connection type :  SSH
  • Saved Sessions : type anyname and click save for future reference.

Click Open to start connection to vps server.