Close all outbound link with nofollow wordpress plugin

One of my domain getting old ( 8 years old) and I believe full of link, either from comment or from the link I entered myself. My friend tell me not to let so many outbound link with do follow attributeĀ  and since I move the engine to wordpress I can do it easily with wordpress plugin.

Name of that great Plugin is

WP Nofollow Post

Yes, I found its very easy to manage all link inside your blog to follow or do follow.

After install the plugin you can setting the plugin as seen on the picture

1. Enable the plugin by change status to enabled.

2. Choose where you want the plugin to work ; Post & Pages, Post or Pages only.

3. Enter domain you want to exclude, separate each with commas.

4. Enter Nofollow rels (let it as is)

5. Dofollow rels (let is as is)

Click Save Changes.

Note :

If you view source of this post you’ll see this code for plugin name

<a href="" 
target="_blank" rel="external nofollow">

Cool eh šŸ™‚