Downgrade php version on Wampserver

Big change from PHP to PHP in latest wampserver version (2.0i) resulting some problem in existing project :

  • Joomla
  • Drupal

Related to ereg() function.

Whenever you face the problem you can choose :

  1. Change ereg() to mb_ereg()
  2. Downgrade your PHP version.

Fortunately  wampserver support addon.

At the moment addon that wampserver support are :

  1. Choose your MySQL version.
  2. Choose your PHP version
  3. Choose your Apache version.

Downgrade PHP

Simply download any version from PHP family :

I choose PHP 5.2.11

Double click the setup file and continue installation till finish.

Start Wampserver and click on the tray

Choose PHP 5.2.11

Wait for moment and refresh localhost to see new activated PHP version.

Yes, when you see same as I see then you’re done.

Happy PHP-ing.

Kudos to Wampserver creator!