Free VPS for Forex Trading

I have chance to learn about forex from scratch and decide to use a vps due to speed requirement. My current connection not support me when I need to close order and requote often.

Fortunately I use forex broker that provide free vps with small requirement :

Available balance is $500

That amount is fair for me and since I also make profit from my trading I can reach that requirement easily.

In this post I will share how to activate free vps for forex trading provided by roboforex.

Get Free VPS for Forex Trading

1. Login to roboforex account

Make sure you already verified for 2 levels :

  • identity verification
  • phone verification

free forex vps verifification requirement

2. Click link “Your VPS 2.0 Server” under Profile menu

free forex vps link from profile

3. Terms of Service

Choose I agree and click “Order VPS Server” button.

order your free forex vps

4. Roboforex system will check your request

When they found all requirement is passed then you’ll see message like this.

This mean your request approved.

your free forex vps ready to use

Remote your Free VPS account

1. Find ‘Remote Desktop Connection”

I use windows 7

use remote desktop connection to remote free forex vps

2. Enter information of your free vps

  • Computer : enter ip address that provide by roboforex
  • Username : enter username that roboforex provide
Click “Connect” button.

enter ip address of free forex vps and username

3. Remote Desktop connection

Connection attempt will be establish, if the connection is the first time then you’ll see message like this.

You can click “Don’t ask me again for connection to this computer” and hit Yes button.

identity verification before connect with remote desktop

4. Enter your vps password information

free forex vps run windows 2003 standard edition

5. Login to your free vps

At this stage you can verify specification of your free vps by checking hardware information.

look around computer specs of your free forex vps ; processor, frequency and memory

You can also check how much space provided

checking hard drive space of your free forex vps

Not bad for me.

I got free vps with these specification :

  • Intel Xeon processor
  • Memory 384 MB
  • Hard Drive space 15 GB
I also have paid vps for forex trading with these specification :
Intel Xeon processor with 615MB memory

other paid forex vps specification, more memory dan higher clock

Space : 30 GB

more space on paid forex vps

6. Install trading software on my free vps

I use MT 4 for most of my trading activity and the best vps for my opinion also must come with fresh condition (no software installed).

I install MT 4 from roboforex and try to login to my account

meta trader 4 in action running on vps

Thats it 🙂

Conclusion  :

  • Free VPS for forex trading is really exist as long you have met requirement from provider then you’ll get one.
  • Memory is important aspect, 384 is enough for manual trading and automatic with EA.
  • You can use 2 MT 4 simultaneously with this VPS (I use for trading with roboforex and instaforex)
  • If you need independent, you can install your own forex vps with memory 768MB with 14 location available around the world. Start from $5/month or 0.0007/hour. Capable to run many meta trader instance in one machine.