Free WordPress Installation Service

A lot of email and search engine related search come to this blog with following keywords :

  • install wordpress tutorial
  • install wordpress hostgator
  • install wordpress cpanel
  • install wordpress fantastico
  • install wordpress themes
  • etc

Lead me to an conclusion.

So many people out there want to try install wordpress and ready to blog but don’t know how to start. Some of them willing to pay for installation service by professional.

I’m here to help you  to start blogging with these features :

  1. Blog with your own domain
  2. Self hosted wordpress blog ; you can put adsense for generate money, change your own theme etc.

I’ll set domain pointing (ns record), install wordpress, add plugins and add theme all for FREE.

The only condition I want is : SSH access.


I want to do it as quick as possible and ssh is my friend for doing this operation for long time ago 🙂

Interested with my offer?

Go to this page and contact me with your domain information and  hosting with ssh information (if you don’t understand about domain, ssh etc you still can contact me and I’ll guide You via email)

Is there a catch?

Yes, If you don’t mind please add my link ( to your blogroll with tag “free wordpress install service“.

Simple as 123.