How to Edit A Record on Godaddy DNS

I used to use free domain managment service like mydomain, zoneedit etc for manage my domain dns record. My previous experiment with weebly free website give me new knowledge if Godaddy also enable us to change dns record.

Case : Weebly allow me to use my own domain with condition that I must point A record to IP

How to change IP record on Godaddy without use mydomain, zoneedit etc?

Here’s how to do that task.

Login to Godaddy account

Click Domain Management

Click + sign near the domain ( I’ll use domain as example).

Click Manage Domain

I have set nameservers to mydomain and I need to change it back to Godaddy dns service. Click Set Nameservers link.

Choose “I have a hosting account with these domains”

Click save button and wait for a while.

After a few minutes I refresh the page and see dns server for my domain goes to godaddy dns server.

Click Launch link under DNS Manager (see the picture).

The picture below is condition of @ record before I use weebly IP.

Click Pencil icon near IP address to change the value.

The picture show new value of @ record.

Use Quick add button to add www record and point to same IP address :

Click Save zone file.

Click OK.

Check A record with intodns public service

Propagation will take sometime, maybe an hour maybe more or less.

Enter the URL you want to check ( I use

Scroll down to bottom of the page.

If you see WWW A Record pointing to IP address then you’re doing right thing 🙂

See you on other post and stay health!