How to install ioncube loader : Uniform Server way

One of wordpress plugin I found force me to install ioncube loader.

In case you want to know what is ioncube loader, here’s explanation taken from website:

Using ionCube encoded and secured PHP files requires a file called the ionCube Loader to be installed on the web server and made available to PHP. PHP can use the Loader with one line added to a PHP configuration file (php.ini). An automated Installer and Wizard are available to help with install, as well as manual instructions.

Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.

Site error: the file C:\UniServer\www\\wp-content\plugins\seo-blog\core.php requires the ionCube PHP Loader ioncube_loader_win_5.2.dll to be installed by the site administrator.

Ok, I’ll install it. For sake of sharing I try to explain it by step 🙂

1. Download latest ioncube loader.

2. Pick x86 for windows, save to my document and extract.

3. Check php version by click phpinfo() .

PHP Version 5.2.13

is my version.

4. Back to extracted folder and choose ioncube_loader_win_5.2.dll .

(use 5.3 dll if you use php 5.3)

5. Copy that file to C:\UniServer\usr\local\php\extensions

6. Open php.ini file located in C:\UniServer\usr\local\php

Add this line in the bottom :

zend_extension_ts = C:\UniServer\usr\local\php\extensions\ioncube_loader_win_5.2.dll

7. Restart Uniform Server

Enjoy the plugins 🙂

P.S : Webhosting Company that I know support ioncube by default is hostgator.  If you’re lazy or need to focus on your script without deal with tech things I suggest you to go with them.