How to set custom domain with and cpanel

Another great service that allow us to use own domain is . I see feature is great for community base, when you have similar interest, hobbies etc.

As part of spread service series I’ll show how to use custom domain feature for our sample subdomain (

Lets get start!

Login to and find this icon, click third icon.

Login to and find this icon, click third icon to start modify

Click “Custom Domain” link.

click on custom domain icon

Enter domain or sub domain and click Update button.

enter your custom domain

At this stage, all things required for use domain or sub domain completed.

Next step is login to cpanel and click Simple DNS editor.

Choose domain name and Add a CNAME Record.

Name : soup


Click Add CNAME Record button.

login to cpanel and add cname record

or you can use IP address for A record.

Wait for 24 hours and you should be able to access this sub domain :

I hope you see the point and see you in other post.

Little note between cname vs a record. In term of speed a record is faster than cname record when user try to access it but if need something than frequently changed like ip address then you need cname record. But if you have good dns cache service you can stick with cname record.