Howto insert ads easily with ad injection wp plugin

Ad blindness is one factor that decrease income specially if the visitor came regularly. Many ways people do to combat that problem. Change theme, change font or change ad position.

When you change ad manually you’ll soon get bored for doing it over and over again. That’s why ad injection plugin came to rescue.

Installation process is straight easy as other wordpress plugin.

click add new under plugins section, enter keyword “ad injection” and hit search plugins button.

Click Install Now link to install and activate.

Ad injection menu will be available under Settings menu.

First step you must do is enable the ads by choose On.

Ad injection offer many combination that need to explore for optimum ads income.

I choose to use randomly injected ad code, enter adsense code and hit Save all settings button.

Whatever setting you use you must pay attention to Status.

From status above :

I have enable ads, random ads with no ads defined  for top and bottom position using direct_dynamic mode.

Feel free to explore other option that you want like only display ad for search engine user, display ads if the length more than xxx words etc.

See you in other post and stay health!