I will help you to transfer your wordpress blog to other web host for $5

This service is based on my client request. His blog got infected by malware and I help him to remove the malware. During examination of his web host performance I found that he have more than 100 domain and each of them getting slow day by day. Fortunately he has other host with only 5 add on domain.

After I move one of his blog to other web host we see huge increase in speed access to the blog.

Finally I found out if a web host (specially shared host) have ‘unlimited space’ and ‘unlimited bandwidth’ tend to serve slow when I compare it with a web host that offer ‘fix’ space and bandwidth as they already calculate their hardware and network resource for maximum performance.

I just give you limited chance to move your blog to new web host for $5 through fiverr. You can see my gig here.

You can contact me for preliminary question through contact me page or via fiverr.