Manage Affiliate Link with Kaitora Affiliate System

Typing affiliate link each time you find suitable keyword will be daunting task and another problem will appear when the company decide to change affiliate link structure. Find the link one by one will be a nightmare 🙂

I just found a wordpress link called Kaitora Affiliate System and I’ll give it a try.

Installation Process

Installation process will be suitable for web hosting that support seamless upgrade and install process aka sudo php. If not, you must upload the file manually using ftp client like filezilla or coreftp.

Click Add New link on WordPress admin

Type “kaitora affiliate system” and hit search plugins button.

click on Install Now link from search result.

Using kaitora affiliate system

New menu will appear on wordpress admin panel called ‘affiliate manager’.

Click Keywords link to add affiliate link.

Enter keyword that you want to replace and affiliate link URL.

Click Add New Link.

Repeat the step for others affiliate link and you’ll see the result.

Click edit for edit affiliate link and click delete for delete.

Click Replacement Options

Choose enable kaitora affiliate manager (set to YES)

Place no more than 3 (let it as is)

Click Save Changes to store the settings to database.


You have working affiliate link management system.

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  1. After a quick google for my plugin name, I came across your post, and I would like to say thank you for your post, and I’m glad you appreciate the plugin that I made. Due to the fact that the plugin is only version 1.0, I would like to offer the oppurtunity for you to suggest some features/changes to be made in future releases.

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