Moving from DigitalOcean to Vultr after price change (July 2022)

Recent price change in DigitalOcean make me reconsider old friend that I rarely visit. After my workload seem to slow down I decide to make little comparison. This table is for my friend vps that use DigitalOcean before move to Vultr.

So, he will pay $4 more than usual.

Related screnshot (regular)

Related DO (premium)

Interestingly DO have new $4 package for regular (10 GB storage)

In Vultr side

Shared vCPU is enough with regular performance (for no.1 and 2 server)

For server 3, vultr also support it

reguler 1 and 2

My friend told me if vultr have $2.5 and $3.5 server but I can’t see it.

At the end, I have same price as in DigitalOcean before price change but in Vultr.

After I give this table to my friend he refuse it and modify my table into this one.

He told me to help migration process with this table within 2 weeks.

Now the process is finished. Nothing change much except server 2 that use lower memory . I suggest him to use $5 from vultr . As he’ll get double memory and storage.

I give my referral link from vultr that give him $100 to get start.