Amazon vs Adsense : which one is the best

Which program should I choose? Google Adsense or Amazon affiliate.

That question asked by my friend who want to try make  money on internet. No simple answer for that question. He need upper layer knowledge for his question.

Know the process first!

Why I should choose that program : those programs is great since backup by big company (Google and Amazon). You can rest assured that you get your payment.

How do I get visitor for my blog / website : most traffic that convert (lead to sales or click) came from search engine (google, yahoo,bing etc).

What information they look for? in general people look for knowledge information or product information. Don’t mix it to get great result.

Laser focus on 3 things :

1. Get low competition but high demand information.

2. Create content that supply information demand.

3. Monitoring competition that may rise.

Full detail of process might be read on this pdf file (free download).

Using that knowledge I can make modifications to my fresh store builder and expand it to other region.




Not big as but really challenging since I do little effort for the site.

Now I’m working on new version of my own system based on knowledge from pdf and fresh store builder. I think this one will be good and utilize other resource (blogspot and wordpress based system too).

Summary :

– Google adsense is good for knowledge based information site/blog.

– Amazon is good for product based information site/blog.

– Don’t mix google adsense and amazon on single site/blog.

Advantages to Completing the HP ASE – Wireless Networks Implementer V1 Certification

Candidates who have expert level skill in designing, implementing, and troubleshooting small enterprise level wireless networks may wish to earn the HP ASE – Wireless Networks Implementer V1 certification. Candidates should be able to integrate networks into the existing wired infrastructure. Additionally, each candidate should have earned the HP AIS – Network Infrastructure [2011] certification previously, and HP recommends that each candidate have at least one year of experience working in wired technologies. HP recommends that each candidate have the ability to use Campus LAN core and edge environments and the desire to specialize in wireless implementations.

This HP certification is considered beneficial to candidates due to the growing need for wireless networks being deployed in the workplace. A variety of settings, such as hospitals, retail, schools, and universities, have a need for wireless networking experts. A candidate who has this certification is able to prove that they have the skill and understanding required of an expert level HP professional. This certification validates a candidate’s ability to understand HP Networking wireless products and solutions.

HP offers instructor-led training courses to help any interested professional review the material that they need in order to pass the required proctored exam to earn this certification. Additionally, candidates can use the exam preparation services of TestsLive in order to prepare. After earning the certification, professionals may choose to take fast track upgrade certification paths if they hold certain HP certifications. Fastrack paths are also available for candidates who hold any of the following Cisco certifications: Cisco CCNP Wireless, Cisco CCNP Routing and Switching, or Cisco CCDP.

How to Move Domain from Godaddy to NameCheap

Domain and Hosting : an inseparable pair

To be able to show off your presence in internet world you need 2 basic things :

1.Domain name
2.Hosting Account .

Domain name is the address that we type in browser. For example;,, .

Hosting account is not visible to end user / audience. As long you can see the content of an internet address that mean the hosting provider work well and you’re on business. By default an hosting company will serve those things (domain name and hosting) and client just need to care about the content. In real life, domain name and hosting account might located in different location due to some reasons such as; domain price, hosting price, performance consideration and security.

My brother want me to extend his domain for next 1 year. I agree to help him but with one condition. I can change the registrar. He agree and I start working.

I like to try new thing, including domain move. In last move domain related experiment I move domain from register to godaddy.

Here the posts :

1. move domain from register to godaddy : part1
2. move domain from register to godaddy : part2

In this experiment I want to move a domain from godaddy to namecheap . I already have an account at namecheap and add fund too from my paypal account. You need to create an account at namecheap if you don’t have one by click here.

Unlock Domain and get EPP key at Godaddy

The aim of this task is simple; unclock domain for transfer and get authorization key / EPP key from godaddy as current registrar.

Login to godaddy and click Domain Management link.


Choose domain that you want to transfer out of godaddy.

Click once to get manage domain link. Click the link.


Free VPS for Forex Trading

I have chance to learn about forex from scratch and decide to use a vps due to speed requirement. My current connection not support me when I need to close order and requote often.

Fortunately I use forex broker that provide free vps with small requirement :

Available balance is $500

That amount is fair for me and since I also make profit from my trading I can reach that requirement easily.

In this post I will share how to activate free vps for forex trading provided by roboforex.

Get Free VPS for Forex Trading

1. Login to roboforex account

Make sure you already verified for 2 levels :

  • identity verification
  • phone verification

free forex vps verifification requirement

2. Click link “Your VPS 2.0 Server” under Profile menu

free forex vps link from profile


Step by step install WordPress Multi User : part 1

I have request to create wordpress multi site, one domain connected with other properties with blogspot, weebly etc together with other domain (.net .org and many more) .

I this post I just want to share how to create wordpress multi site that connect with other TLD.

I use these stuff :

Schema :
1. db1 for main domain -> use standard wordpress installation
2. db2 for portal address (subdomain of main domain) -> for use with main page for manage client site.
3. db3 for client site (TLD domain) and host everything.

Lets get start with installation steps for WordPress Multi User :

WordPress multi user that known as wpmu already merge into code so you only need latest version of wordpress from

1. Install standard wordpress from for main domain

easy as 123

2. Install wordpress for portal use subdomain of main domain.

Login to cpanel and click subdomains


Check for Big File

I got quota warning email sent to my email. Exceed 80% of quota already but since I never add any new file and database grow also not significant I decide to find out if cpanel system  add something that I don’t know.

Error log is responsible for this problem.

# ls -l | grep log
-rw-r–r– 1 externa2 externa2 346169667 May 1 15:57 error_log
-rw-r–r– 1 externa2 externa2 274 Dec 14 06:29 wp-blog-header.php
-rw-r–r– 1 externa2 externa2 27695 Dec 14 06:29 wp-login.php

As you see I have around 346 MB size of error log file.

Empty this file and I have spare room 🙂

#echo ‘ ‘ > error_log

P.S : in case of you want to know what kind of error that might cause your log file got bigger in size you can use tail -f command.

# tail -f error_log

voila ….

[01-May-2012 23:08:04] WordPress database error You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ‘ORDER BY `meta_count` DESC LIMIT 5’ at line 1 for query SELECT `meta_value`,`meta_count` FROM `wp_stt2_meta` WHERE `post_id` = ORDER BY `meta_count` DESC LIMIT 5; made by require, wp, WP->main, WP->query_posts, WP_Query->query, WP_Query->get_posts, apply_filters_ref_array, call_user_func_array, relevanssi_query, relevanssi_do_query, relevanssi_do_excerpt, apply_filters, call_user_func_array, pk_stt2_admin_content_filter, stt_terms_list, pk_stt2_db_get_search_terms
[01-May-2012 23:08:04] WordPress database error You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ‘ORDER BY `meta_count` DESC LIMIT 5’ at line 1 for query SELECT `meta_value`,`meta_count` FROM `wp_stt2_meta` WHERE `post_id` = ORDER BY `meta_count` DESC LIMIT 5; made by require, wp, WP->main, WP->query_posts, WP_Query->query, WP_Query->get_posts, apply_filters_ref_array, call_user_func_array, relevanssi_query, relevanssi_do_query, relevanssi_do_excerpt, apply_filters, call_user_func_array, pk_stt2_admin_content_filter, stt_terms_list, pk_stt2_db_get_search_terms

Wow, this plugin need to deactivate as I don’t use it intensively.

P.P.S :

Those command is command line that you can use as long your web host support ssh access. For a list of web host that offer ssh access you can access resources section.


Move database from ipage to bluehost

Today I have to move wordpress blog from ipad web host to bluehost. Everything work well except one thing :


Database error and after examine error message I found a way to overcome that problem.

1. Open sql  from ipage exported file (created by phpmyadmin)

2. Open with editor (notepad or wordpad) and look for these lines :

— Database: `101_xmas`

 CREATE DATABASE `101_xmas` DEFAULT CHARACTER SET latin1 COLLATE latin1_swedish_ci;
 USE `101_xmas`;

Yes, italic things I set must be ignored by bluehost and to accomplish that thing you can add — in front of the lines.

save the file and reupload through phpmyadmin.

This time I see :

Import has been successfully finished, 30758 queries executed. (

Good, I can continue to other work 🙂


How to overcome ClickBank CDR

Beside trying Amazon affiliate I also try Clickbank program. Almost a one and half year I try ClickBank with article marketing approach. One sale followed by another sale until my website got ‘Panda touch’ 🙂 .

No sale for month and continue to hit ClickBank Dormant account policy.

As you see from the picture I got $31 ‘discount’  due to no sale happen 🙁

My account also stay in CDR status too. Clickbank will not release my first check if I don’t met 5 sales and different credit card requirement.

I need help to overcome ClickBank CDR status and CB Goliath come to rescue.

I install CB Goliath and got result in week 2 after activate and setting.

I set a few keywords on CB Goliath including sell cheap ebook too . Not bad for me since I can get rid from dormant status and chance for release my CDR status very soon.

That is my technique to overcome ClickBank CDR by increase sale with help from CB Goliath.

Solution for Squidoo ‘Low Quality Content’

Create Squidoo lens is not easy today. I’ve spend a few hours to craft and put many aspect to the lens and still get the message :

“low quality content”

Solution for this problem :

1. Edit all content. Rewrite if possible and try to publish.

2. Delete the lens. Try to create new lens with longer title and put the content slowly. After you add a text module then you can hit “publish” button and continue adding other module when you see published message.

3. Move the content. I prefer to move ‘unpublish’ content to other platform and  make it live. This way I can add more assets and link properti that I can use in the future.

Some platform I use when I get stuck at squidoo ‘low quality content’ and still can not get it published are :

  • Hubpages ; I use it for alternative when squidoo fall to publish my content.
  • Zujava ; new platform that allow you to publish ‘leaf’ (name for pages on zujava)

Example of Zujava leaf in action : How to install  Moodle

My Fresh Store Builder Earnings

Its a rare post 🙂 . I don’t like to show off. First reason is because the earning is not big as big player outside and second reason is I prefer to post about hosting related field as this domain refer to.

I decide to post it to encourage my friend who got drop in adsense earning due to panda effect and think adsense is the only one.

I’m now prefer to get involved in affiliate marketing and get start with amazon ( frankly I create amazon account since 2005 but I do nothing and I let all that years with nothing too).

I have a few account now and these screenshot is from one of my account and dedicated to Fresh Store Builder based site.

September 2011 earning

Nothing fancy here, start learn how to use FSB.

Glad I have a few sales 🙂

October 2011 earning

I realize that bluehost put my FSB site in ‘danger’. Their CPU throttle kick my FSB site. Slow to access and got bad score from YSlow. Switch to Hostgator (click here for 25% off coupon)  in late October.

November 2011 earning

Setup other FSB site (total 2 FSB sites) and host it with Hawkhost  (I want to to try out LiteSpeed. Thankfully that FSB compatible with Hawkhost because I bought it first before conduct a few test). Update : use this cupon “whts50v2” for 50% discount.

December 2011 earning

Shopping time is come. A few keyword get it rank too. Thanks to Build My Rank ( get 10 links for free trial)  network that show its power.

January 2012 earning

Got busy with malware attack. A few attack is working silently and affecting my traffic that came from search engine. I decide to use Sucuri and they work well. Thanks GOD I still get earning 🙂

So far I like affiliate marketing challenge and decide to give it more time.

I hope my friend out there can see my journey and wake up from hiatus. Go for new journey and enjoy the process.


Upgrade Ampps step by step

I use Ampps for almost 2 month and I like it. This software has ability like wampserver that provide 2 php version and I can switch it anytime I like and full access to many famous open source application.

Ampps also follow latest technology, thay release new version when new version of its component got upgrade.

In this post I’ll share how to upgrade ampps step by step. Lets get start!

Check current version component :


Get proper version for update (make sure you follow the path) and click download.

save to my document or anything you want.

Double click to start install update

Click Next followed by Install button.

Follow all process.

Before restart web server I want to check its PHP version.

Click launch ampps after upgrade complete and restart apache web server for sure.

Checking again php version with phpinfo() version and I see new PHP version exist.

Yes, I have new PHP version 🙂

Namecheap DNS and Blogspot Custom Domain

I used to use free dns service like or to manage specific record like A record, spf record, txt record etc. Until I try namecheap service that also provide that service for free.

To enable namecheap dns management service is simple :

1. Login to your namecheap

Choose your domain and click “Transfer dns back to Us”

2. Review current dns setting

3. Check “transfer dns to namecheap default dns” and hit save changes button.

Domain name servers updated!

The domain name servers are updated based on your request. As the options would change based on DNS server used, we have refreshed the page to show appropriate links on the left side.

4. Now you can change all Host records for that domain

For full aspect of all host records on namecheap for blogspot purpose you click this link.

Creating database and 123 reg co uk

Another common job that I do during transfer a website is creating mysql database. Each web hosting has their own system and so does 123 reg co uk. To create a database on 123 reg co uk account is simple. Foolow this guide :

1. Login to your panel

Click Manage web hosting

2. Choose your web hosting account

click Manage link

3. Click “Manage database”

4. Click “add database”

123 reg co uk system will automatically all data and you can write down it and edit your wp-config.php (if you use wordpress) with that data.

5. Manage your database

123 reg co uk also use phpmyadmin that you can access by click icon under “login” column.

See you and stay health!

Addon Domain and 123 reg co uk

A client contact me to move his website that use wordpress engine to new web hosting which use service from 123 reg co uk. Their system (123 reg co uk) is bit different that I ever seen so I decide to share my experience.

How to add new domain as addon domain on 123 reg co uk :

1. Login to their panel

Choose Manage web hosting

2. Choose which hosting account you have (in case you have a few account) by click ‘Manage’ link.

3. Click Domain Mapping

4. Click link that provide access to add an domain.

5. If you already have domain you can use ” point a domain registered elsewhere to 123-reg” and enter domain name.

Hit Check button.

6. System should add your domain, if you see this message :

“this domain has been registered”

That domain already exist on system. You can contact support to check it for you. In my experience that message happened when seller sell their website but not push the domain ownership to buyer.

When the domain transfer work well you will not see that message again.


BlueHost, MyDomain, Godaddy and 404 Blogger

Blogspot service is great. Everything is handle with care using Google service. I also try blogspot custom domain for one of my domain to share the load of my shared hosting. So far so good until I check statistic for that domain. A page is not exist and when I try to see it I see the same.

Yes, page not found is there and I must do something.

I must set missing host section on blogspot to point specific url where I can redirect the traffic to main domain.

I have shared hosting account on bluehost and want to use it for pointing missing host to blogspot.

Lets get start!

1. Login to bluehost cpanel and click “addon domains”

2. Verify ownership for this domain. Upload file is the easiest but I already set it for blogspot custom domain so I must use other option. I prefer to use  EPP code for domain ownership verification.

3. Login to godaddy and choose ‘send by email’ for authorization code.

4. After domain verification is correctly set I can create a subdomain.

5. Subdomain redirection.

Set redirection for this subdomain to main domain and click save.

6. Login to blogspot and enter sub domain created on step 5.

click save.

great, at this moment I have working system that redirect any ‘not found’ traffic to main page of my domain. As you see from the picture, I’ve convert 41 useless traffic to main page using this way.

Your setting is vary, depend on your domain policy but I hope you got the point.

Which Nameservers for Godaddy Domain

A client contact me to change his nameserver back to godaddy hosting since he   already paid for the hosting but not realized about that until he login to his account.

I have set his hosting to use hawkhost but as his wish is my command 🙂 I just do that.

How to change nameserver back to godaddy is simple :

1. Login to godaddy and choose the domain.

2. Change to ‘I want to forward my domains’

3. Change back to ‘I have specific nameservers for my domains’

Click save and wait for while.

You also able to send ticket to godaddy and let them do it for you 🙂

Cpanel Cron and CornTab

I like to use cron as best friend to do a job that periodically need to perform.  In my opinion cpanel hosting provide easy to understand and reliable cron service too. I’ve try a few free cron service out there but I still confident with service provided by cpanel.

To access cron from cpanel you can click “cron jobs” by scroll down on your cpanel.

Cpanel cron provide ‘template’ where you can do simple task. You can run a task every minute, every 5 minutes and so on.

If you want specific time you can arrange it by enter the value inside provided box as you can see from this picture.

Click “Add new cron job” to let system know about it.

What if you don’t have cpanel based cron? You can use service from “Corntab“.

You can enter set the time and corntab will automatically create the result that you can paste to your crontab editor.

Caution :

Use your cron  facility wisely as you need to perform this job in regular. Don’t use short interval too often. Use it as necessary.



Checking for Valid Amazon Link

My friend who start to learn Amazon affiliate ask me whether I can check which version of these link that work :


I don’t know the answer since there are many variation of of Amazon link but I do want to know too. After checking affiliate panel I know that I miss one important link that Amazon provide from long time ago.

Link Checker

Just enter those 2 links and hit “Check Link” button.

For 1st link I got this message :

Fail: The link above was not tagged or was not a valid Amazon link.

For 2nd link I got this message :

Success: The link tags to a valid tag or sub-tag for your Associate ID.

p.s : I change xxxx to valid associate tag.

Very useful link as many will lost their referral fees when use it incorrectly 🙂


How to upgrade fresh store builder

New amazon changes on their API policy since October 25 2011 already rolled out and as Fresh Store Builder (FSB) user I’m waiting for their respond about this change. I’m wrong and I must confess that I’m little late than FSB developer team. New version already launch on 20th October 2011 with API anticipated plus others enhancement.

I start using FSB since version 2.3.0 and have no experience on how upgrade process work. This post is my documented process around FSB upgrade. Lets get start!

The only requirement before do this procedure is : Backup your files and database first.

Download latest FSB version

Login to FSB and download latest version.