phpMyadmin alternative

One task that I used to do during transfer wordpress from one host to another host is export database and import database.

Due to difference of control panel that each web hosting provide sometime I don’t found phpmyadmin installed and I need solution for that job.

I’m lucky that google provide everything 🙂 . A few project beside phpMyadmin provide me excellent tools to accomplish my job in time. Here’s a few project that do similar work as phpMyAdmin.

  1. Admirer, small size. Under 400k
  2. phpMiniAdmin for MySQL, very small size with limited capability but enough for me. Under 10k. My fav.
  3. SQl Buddy, close competitor to phpMyadmin (imho).
  4. TinyMy, 7 k but I don’t try it yet.
  5. Chive project, I use it for learn advanced feature of MySQL server like Routines, Trigger and Views.
For most job where no phpMyadmin available I use phpMiniAdmin, so far it works perfectly.