Solution for Squidoo ‘Low Quality Content’

Create Squidoo lens is not easy today. I’ve spend a few hours to craft and put many aspect to the lens and still get the message :

“low quality content”

Solution for this problem :

1. Edit all content. Rewrite if possible and try to publish.

2. Delete the lens. Try to create new lens with longer title and put the content slowly. After you add a text module then you can hit “publish” button and continue adding other module when you see published message.

3. Move the content. I prefer to move ‘unpublish’ content to other platform and  make it live. This way I can add more assets and link properti that I can use in the future.

Some platform I use when I get stuck at squidoo ‘low quality content’ and still can not get it published are :

  • Hubpages ; I use it for alternative when squidoo fall to publish my content.
  • Zujava ; new platform that allow you to publish ‘leaf’ (name for pages on zujava)

Example of Zujava leaf in action : How to install  Moodle