Step by step guide adding rel=author for your wordpress blog

My friend ask me about rel=author in practice. I promise to make a post and share my experience with wordpress blog. Hosting Formula is using wordpress and I use it for practice.


To get this process work well you’ll need Google + account.

Install rel=author wordpress plugin

I use easy rel=author plugin and add it like other wordpress plugin. You must upload it from add plugin menu since no official wordpress plugin available.

After activate this plugin you must do these steps :

1. Click ‘Your Profile’  link under Users menu.

2. Enter your ‘Google + URL’ and click ‘Update Profile’ button.

Google + URL is in format :

where xxxxxxx is your number.

Activate Easy rel=author option

1. Click Easy rel=author link from Settings menu.

2. Choose between ‘Add a footer on each post’ and ‘Use author name in footer link’  and click  ‘save settings’ button. I prefer to use footer link but if your template not support it you can use footer on each post.

Edit Google + profile for add Link

1. Open Google +

2. Find ‘Edit Profile’  and click the button.

3. Click Recommended Link

4. Click ‘Add Custom Link’

5. Enter your URL and anchor.

6. Save it

Testing your configuration

1. Open Google webmaster richsnipplets page

2. Enter one post from your wordpress blog, eg: and hit ‘Preview’ button.

3. Pay attention on  ‘Extracted Author for this page’ information.

If you see this message ‘Verified: Authorship markup is correct for this page’ then you’re in good track.

P.S : if you have multi author on your wordpress blog then you need to enter their Google + profile link one by one.

See you on other post and stay health!