Step by step install WordPress Multi User : part 1

I have request to create wordpress multi site, one domain connected with other properties with blogspot, weebly etc together with other domain (.net .org and many more) .

I this post I just want to share how to create wordpress multi site that connect with other TLD.

I use these stuff :

Schema :
1. db1 for main domain -> use standard wordpress installation
2. db2 for portal address (subdomain of main domain) -> for use with main page for manage client site.
3. db3 for client site (TLD domain) and host everything.

Lets get start with installation steps for WordPress Multi User :

WordPress multi user that known as wpmu already merge into code so you only need latest version of wordpress from

1. Install standard wordpress from for main domain

easy as 123

2. Install wordpress for portal use subdomain of main domain.

Login to cpanel and click subdomains

Main domain installed on /public_html and put portal on /public_html/portal

Subdomain successfully created

2. Create database for portal (db2)

Click on “Mysql Databases” under Databases tab.

Enter name for db2 (portal) and hit “Create Database” button.

Create user for that database and bind it to database.

3. Update wp-config

After subdomain and database created continue with editing wp-config.php

(Rename wp-config-sample.php to wp-config.php)

Put database information plus this line (blue line) to allow multisite.

after change the information of database.

4. Install it by call the address from web browser


Enter information requested and hit submit button. If you see this then you do a great job!

I’ll continue with next step in other article.

Stay health!