How to add TXT Record on BlueHost for Activate Google Apps

In recent domain purchase on Godaddy I have disable automatic domain renewal (goes to manual and force Godaddy to send an email about expire domain) and change dns record to bluehost.

Due to that change I force myself to choose 1st option of activate google apps.

I’ll show you how to add TXT Record on bluehost hosting for activate google apps.

1. Sign up for google apps

2. Activate google apps for domain

google apps provide 4 ways :

  1. Add a DNS record to your domain’s configuration
  2. Add a meta tag to your site’s home page
  3. Upload an HTML file to your server
  4. Link to your google analytics account

I choose number 1.

Add a DNS record to bluehost domain’s configuration

Choose other from ‘select your domain registrar or provider’ option.

copy and paste TXT record to notepad

Login to bluehost cpanel

Find ‘advanced dns zone editor’ .

click the icon

Select a domain

Add a record

  • change ‘google’  (from the picture) to (xxx is your domain extension)
  • Let TTL as is
  • Choose TXT  Type
  • Paste TXT record that you have from google

click  ‘Add record‘ button.

You’ll see summary of your domain dns configuration.

Click “Delete” for existing TXT record (optional)

3. Verify domain ownership

Back to google apps page. Click Verify button to start verify the TXT record modification.

You’ll see this page if you do right job.

You can continue to activate email service and others from your google apps panel.

See you on other post and stay health!