How to install OpenSUSE 13.1 Server in VPS using custom iso

Today, my class will be discuss on how to install Zimbra Collaboration Suite. One of my student want to try it using different OS. As we don’t have access for Linux Suse Enterrprise Server 11 then we’ll try it on OpenSuse 13.1 . I never try it beside using Ubuntu but it won’t hurt right 🙂 . VPS is ready for such action.

I start by install OpenSUSE 13.1 server using VPS that support custom iso with these details :

  1. Location : Frankfurt
  2. Memory : 1GB (lowest memory available is 768 but I’ll try 1 GB)
  3. HD : 20 GB
  4. Technology : KVM
  5. Price : $7/mo

Lets get start!