Kloxo and 500 – Internal Server Error

Kloxo control panel aka lxadmin in the past help me a lot in managing vps operational. I don’t have to touch configuration file for adding new domain, setting virtual host, grant database username and privileges etc. The other best part of this cpanel alternative are :

  1. It’s free ( I can asking for help or install it by myself)
  2. Low resources (specially memory where most  low end vps plan has limited)

Problem came when I must add new domain for my friend blog. I see this message after I enter username and password :

500 – Internal Server Error

I think it just small problem with service and  library conflict.

Restart Kloxo 1 st attempt :

# service kloxo restart

Stopping kloxo: Waiting for the process to die…..
Stopped kloxo

Starting kloxo: 11
mysqld (pid 30515) is running…
Started kloxo

Try again to login and I still get 500 – Internal Server Error message.