Upgrade Ampps step by step

I use Ampps for almost 2 month and I like it. This software has ability like wampserver that provide 2 php version and I can switch it anytime I like and full access to many famous open source application.

Ampps also follow latest technology, thay release new version when new version of its component got upgrade.

In this post I’ll share how to upgrade ampps step by step. Lets get start!

Check current version component :


Get proper version for update (make sure you follow the path) and click download.

save to my document or anything you want.

Double click to start install update

Click Next followed by Install button.

Follow all process.

Before restart web server I want to check its PHP version.

Click launch ampps after upgrade complete and restart apache web server for sure.

Checking again php version with phpinfo() version and I see new PHP version exist.

Yes, I have new PHP version 🙂