Dreamhost MySQL

Being cpanel user make me a bit lazy when I have to do mysql export job as part of wordpress transfer process but I enjoy it 🙂

Dreamhost is provide access to their service via toolbox, as you see from the picture there are 6 shortcut :

  1. manage account
  2. manage domains
  3. manage email
  4. manage users
  5. mysql databases
  6. one click installs
one click installs work like simple script or fantastico if your are using cpanel, easy to use but if you don’t know those component glued (mysql database, domain pointing and file manager) you’ll bit confuse for a while 🙂
In the case where I want to backup mysql database I open ftp client and download wp-config.php to see username and password plus database name for backup purpose.
After I have all information I click “MySQL Databases” from Toolbox section.

You’ll see list of database that use similar pattern for access phpmyadmin :

mysql.your url.extension

New windows authentication will appear, enter username & password and hit Log in button.

Yes, log in to phpmyadmin and I bit disappointed to see Dreamhost use old phpmyadmin version.

At the moment phpmyadmin already reach 3.4xxxx version and many of those update due to security update.

But I have to finish my job and export process went successfully 🙂