How to upgrade fresh store builder

New amazon changes on their API policy since October 25 2011 already rolled out and as Fresh Store Builder (FSB) user I’m waiting for their respond about this change. I’m wrong and I must confess that I’m little late than FSB developer team. New version already launch on 20th October 2011 with API anticipated plus others enhancement.

I start using FSB since version 2.3.0 and have no experience on how upgrade process work. This post is my documented process around FSB upgrade. Lets get start!

The only requirement before do this procedure is : Backup your files and database first.

Download latest FSB version

Login to FSB and download latest version.

Save to My Document or other folder. Extract the file with any extraction software. I use Winrar.

Upload FSB to Web Hosting

Open ftp client software (I use coreftp), fill web hosting information and connect.

After connected, browse for FSB extracted files. Select all files and send it to the right.

Choose “Overwrite if Newer All

This process will take long time, you can go watch TV or play a game 🙂

Upgrade FSB database

The last step I need to do is upgrade database structure. This step easily done with opening your FSB url install folder. Ex:

Click “Upgrade your store” and you should see this display.

Upgrade completed. Rename your install folder and try to browse your store and check admin area. If everything looks OK you can delete install folder with safe.

FSB upgrade process is very easy, remind me on WordPress upgrade process 🙂

Ok, its time to create article for my store using Jiffy article new method.

See you and stay health!