Upgrade self hosted wordpress 2.6.5 to 2.7 RC1

My wife can’t wait any longer for wordpress 2.7. He ask me to upgrade her blog to wordpress 2.7 RC1.

I agree to update her blog but I choose to upgrade mine first, in case of failed upgrade I can learn a lot before taking control my wife blog 🙂

Here’s the steps :


1. Backup my blog first, start from backup database using shell.

Use cat command to see username, password and database that I use for my blog

cat wp-config.php

Dump database

mysqldump -uonezero5_alam -p onezero5_alamsyah > alamsyah.sql

Compress all files in single tar.gz file

tar cvzf alamsyah.tar.gz alamsyah

I just curious to check how big my blog is 🙂

du -sh alamsyah.tar.gz
36M     alamsyah.tar.gz

Download wordpress 2.7 RC1

wget http://wordpress.org/wordpress-2.7-RC1.zip

Extract the file

unzip wordpress-2.7-RC1.zip

Move to my blog folder and copying all file

cd alamsyah

cp -avr ~/www/wordpress/* .

Don’t use u option, I use u (for update option but I get fail)

2. Upgrade wordpress

Update database by typing my blog adress



Login to admin to see shiny wordpress 2.7

I can’t wait next 5 days before 2.7 release, please forgive me 😉