My experience with Fiverr

Its been long time since I left this blog alone. I’m quite busy with offline work that include teaching activity. One day my student ask me about how to get extra money even they don’t graduate yet.

I have previous experience with Fiverr where I order linkwheel package just for learn how it looks like by read the report.

With so many service provided in Fiverr make me think to give my student an example how I work by create a gig for myself. After waiting for a month I have first order and I can do it under 10 minutes. Next day no order and a week later I got another order and so on. So far I have 11 order and good rating.

I have shown my fiverr page to my student and I’m glad they like it and feel need to explore their skill within a month. Of course lot of obstacle they said but mainly due to their language (English is not main language in Indonesia).

In my side, a few notes around two month providing fiverr services :

  • Some buyer don’t know how to order properly
  • Buyer ask for direct contact (email, messenger etc)
  • Buyer don’t respond for ‘order requirements’ because they told if they already say it via message.

At least I have something to show for my student; why they need to learn English more seriously (I myself don’t fluent in English but I try), how their ‘simple’ skill could lead to extra money etc.

Keep fight!