Transfer Domain from Godaddy to

Another domain on Godaddy need my attention 🙂

Yes, renewal time is coming next month and this time I have other domain registrar to try. offer $7,39 for transfer domain to their service and since I already have an account after bought a domain on I can continue flawlessly.

Here the process during the transfer

What you need to do on Godaddy side

1. Unlock domain

Login to godaddy and pick domain name you want to transfer.

Click link ‘manage’ near Locked status.

Uncheck ‘lock domains’ and click OK button.

2. Click Send by Email link near Authorization Code section.

You’ll see confirmation and wait for the code send to your email.

Save the code to notepad or something.

What you need to do on side

1. Go to this address

Enter domain name and authorization code you have from Godaddy and click Add button.

Continue click Cart link on the right side of screen.

Check for whois privacy if you want and click “Checkout” button.

Order summary will be displayed.

2. Pay the money

After you pay the money you’ll wait for confirmation email from Ask you to click provided link and confirm the transfer.

Last message you’ll see :

The transfer for the following domain names has been authorized.

Done. I will wait for 3-5 business days.