Which web hosting company used by professionals?

Starting in April 2011 I started doing small-scale research to look at some of the providers that are used by professionals (professionals who I mean here are people who use the internet to find the field income).

The media I use is the data used by Hostingformula clients who contact me via contact me section or via my Fiverr service.

The number of respondents as many as 150 clients with various web hosting

So far there are several types of web hosting that I see:

1. Shared accounts; this type dominates nearly 95% of the sample data.
The company is widely used is hostgator (baby plan), dreamhost and Bluehost. Most owners of personal websites and small businesses choose this type due to the support of unlimited domain and unlimited space to offer.

2. Reselller account; this type is used by 4% of the total sample data.
The seller’s website at Flippa, web designers and SEO firms use this type of account. With a relatively affordable price hostgator back into their choice.

3. VPS or dedicated server; this type used by the sellers and website design company that wants more control of their assets. HostGator VPS back again become a champion in this type, using cpanel control panel that is optimized for vps or dedicated server.

So far I see that almost of all users of web hosting services web hosting service begins with the type of shared hosting, along with the development of their business then the choice to the reseller and vps accounts become a necessity to help accelerate the need for:
– Continue profit, reseller accounts to ensure the relationship between a web designer with a client is maintained through customer satisfaction.
– Bandwidth and space, on the reseller account is the amount of process that allowed more players to make it easier for their businesses leverage their business
– Branding, can provide all-in-one solution makes the client more confidence in doing their business because it saw the ability that tercitra via the services provided.
– Support, information is something that expensive. Support services which could either make the client better prepared to anticipate the risks in case of downtime, hacker intrusions, and so forth.

In essence, online businesses are always using the paid hosting to support their activities. Support real time and reliable making them comfortable in running a business and a focus for raising the company.