How do I know if my web hosting company support php, apache etc

How do I know if my web hosting support my business? Are they support PHP, Apache, Mysql or Linux as requested by my programmer or web designer to make sure my online business run well.

Hmm, I try to answer it using tools and my existing cpanel web hosting account.

1. Apache, PHP, Mysql version

If you run PHP based script you need these trio (Apache, PHP and MySQL)

Login to cpanel

See at the left side of your cpanel

As you see from the picture, my web hosting use :

– Apache web server version : 2.0.63

– PHP version : 5.2.17

– MySQL version : 5.1.56-log

– Architecture : 64 bit

– Operating system : Linux

2. PHPMyAdmin

PHPMyAdmin is special tool that help us to manage MySQL database server with ease.

Scroll down and locate phpmyadmin under Databases section.

Click the picture to find out more..

See version information

And compare it with for newest version.

As you see if the version is not outdated.

3. ionCube and Zend Loader

Sometime you’ll buy or use encrypted PHP script that require ioncube loader or Zend in order to work properly.

Open File Manager from cpanel

Choose Web Root and click Go button.

Click on New File icon.

Type file name (info.php) and click “Create New File” button.

Click the name followed by click Edit button.

type the code as seen on the picture.

Click Save changes when you’re done.

Open the address of this script with following pattern.


Scroll down and locate this section :

Zend Loader

ionCube Loader

or you can see it on one place

Yes, my cpanel web hosting support Zend Loader and ionCube Loader as seen on the picture.